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  S.N. Title of Book   Author Name
  1 Arbitration and the Constitution - Peter B. Rutledge
  2 Cartels, Markets and Crime - Bruce Wardhaugh
  3 Comparative Corporate Governance - Edited by Andreas M. Fleckner, Klaus J. Hopt
  4 Conflicts in the Knowledge Society - Sebastian Haunss
  5 Constitutionalism in Asia in the Early Twenty-First Century - Edited by Albert H. Y. Chen
  6 Constitutions in Authoritarian Regimes - Edited by Tom Ginsburg, Alberto Simpser
  7 Cyberwarfare and the Laws of War - Heather Harrison Dinniss
  8 Dressing Constitutionally - Ruthann Robson
  9 Emerging Challenges in Privacy Law - Edited by Normann Witzleb, David Lindsay, Moira Paterson, Sharon Rodrick
  10 Environmental Law and Contrasting Ideas of Nature - Edited by Keith H. Hirokawa
  11 Global Anti-Terrorism Law and Policy - Edited by Victor V. Ramraj, Michael Hor, Kent Roach, George Williams
  12 Human Cloning - Kerry Lynn Macintosh
  12 International Commercial Contracts - Giuditta Cordero-Moss
  14 Justice through Apologies - Nick Smith
  15 Legal Pluralism and Development - Edited by Brian Z. Tamanaha, Caroline Sage, Michael Woolcock
  16 Non-State Actors, Soft Law and Protective Regimes - Edited by Cecilia M. Bailliet
  17 Presidents and Civil Liberties from Wilson to Obama - Samuel Walker
  18 Proportionality - Aharon Barak
  19 Redefining Human Rights in the Struggle for Peace and Development - Terrence E. Paupp
  20 Research Methods in Conflict Settings - Edited by Dyan Mazurana, Karen Jacobsen, Lacey Andrews Gale
  21 Rule of Law for Nature - Edited by Christina Voigt
  22 The Natural Moral Law - Owen Anderson
  23 The Sanctity of Life and the Criminal Law - Edited by Dennis J. Baker, Jeremy Horder
  24 Constructing intellectual property -
  25 A handbook on the WTO trips agreement -  
  26 Piracy in the Indian Film Industry -  
  27 Relocating the law of geographical indications -  
  28 The general exception clauses of the trips agreement -  
  29 Concepts of property in intellectual property law -  
  30 Diversity in intellectual property -  
  31 Intellectual property indigenous people and their knowledge -  
  32 The trans pacific partnership -  
  33 Global justice and international economic law -  
  34 The fight over digital rights -  
  35 Corporate governance in the common law world -  
  36 Regulating speech in cyberspace -  






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