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  S.N. Title of Book   Author Name
  1 Copyright in the Cultural Industries - Towse, R
  2 Law and the State - Marciano, A. Josselin, J
  3 The Economics of Courts and Litigation - Cabrillo, F. Fitzpatrick, S
  4 Elgar Encyclopedia of Comparative Law - Smits, J.M.
  5 The Law and Economics of Globalisation - Yueh, L
  6 Judicial Review in EU Law - Türk, A.H
  7 Human Rights and Capitalism - Dine, J. Fagan, A
  8 Criminalization of Competition Law Enforcement - Cseres, Schinkel, M.P. Vogelaar, F.O.W
  9 Handbook of Intergenerational Justice - Tremmel, J.C
  10 Research Handbook on the Law of International Organizations - Klabbers, J. Wallendahl, Å
  11 The European Constitution - Amato, G. Ziller, J
  12 Democracy, Freedom and Coercion - Marciano, A. Josselin, J.-M
  13 Interpreting and Implementing the TRIPS Agreement - Malbon, J. Lawson, C
  14 A Defense of Intellectual Property Rights - Spinello, R.A. Bottis, M
  15 NGOs in International Law - Dupuy, P.-M. Vierucci, L
  16 The World Trade Organization and Human Rights - Joseph, S. Kinley, D. Waincymer, J
  17 International Governance and Law - van Schooten, H. Verschuuren, J
  18 Rule of Law Reform and Development - Trebilcock, M.J. Daniels, R.J
  19 Distributive Justice and the New Medicine - Smith II, G.P
  20 Research Handbook on Environment, Health and the WTO - Van Calster, G. Prévost, D
  21 Multinational Enterprises and Tort Liabilities - Eroglu, M
  22 Global Privacy Protection - Rule, J.B. Greenleaf, G
  23 International Economic Law, Globalization and Developing Countries - Faundez, J. Tan, C
  24 Research Handbook on the WTO Agriculture Agreement - McMahon, J.A. Desta, M.G
  25 Globalisation and Natural Resources Law - Blanco, E. Razzaque, J.
  26 Politics of Intellectual Property - Haunss, S. Shadlen, K.C
  27 New Directions in Comparative Law - Bakardjieva Engelbrekt, A. Nergelius
  28 Research Handbook on the Theory and History of International Law - Orakhelashvili, A
  29 Research Handbook on the Economics of Criminal Law - Harel, A. Hylton, K.N
  30 Evolutionary Theory and Legal Philosophy - Zaluski, W
  31 Politicians, Economists and the Supreme Court at Work - Roth, T.P
  32 Comparative Constitutional Law - Ginsburg, T. Dixon, R
  33 Comparative Administrative Law - Rose-Ackerman, S. Lindseth, P.L
  34 Globalization and Private Law - Faure, M. van der Walt, A
  35 The Paradox of Regulation - Haines, F
  36 A Global Approach to Public Interest Disclosure - Lewis, D.B
  37 Social Regulation in the WTO - Nadakavukaren Schefer, K
  38 Intellectual Property Rights in a Fair World Trade System - Kur, A
  39 Statelessness and Citizenship - Blitz, B.K. Lynch, M
  40 The Internationalisation of Law - Hiscock, M. van Caenegem, W
  41 Methods of Comparative Law - Monateri, P.G
  42 Comparative Law and Society - Clark, D.S
  43 Religion, Rights and Secular Society - Cumper, P. Lewis, T
  44 Mirages of International Justice - Parish, M.
  45 The World Bank, Asian Development Bank and Human Rights - Fujita, S
  46 Handbook of Global Research and Practice in Corruption - Graycar, A. Smith, R.G
  47 Mass Justice - Steele, J. van Boom, W.H
  48 East Asian Economic Integration - Buckley, R.P. Hu, R.W. Arner, D.W
  49 Before and After the Economic Crisis - Moreau, M.-A
  50 Transnational Culture in the Internet Age - Pager, S.A. Candeub, A
  51 Pharmaceutical Innovation, Competition and Patent Law - Drexl, J. Lee, N
  52 The Mind and Method of the Legal Academic - Smits, J.M
  53 Law and the Limits of Government   Fagan, F.
  54 Individualism and Collectiveness in Intellectual Property Law - Rosén, J
  55 The Challenge of Food Security - Rayfuse, R. Weisfelt, N
  56 Defamation Law and Social Attitudes - Baker, R.
  57 Terrorist Financing - Ridley, N
  58 The Standard of Review in WTO Dispute Settlement - Becroft, R
  59 Enforcement of Transnational Regulation - Cafaggi, F
  60 International Criminal Justice - Boas, G. Schabas, W.A. Scharf, M.P
  61 Handbook on the Law of Cultural Heritage and International Trade - Nafziger, J.A.R. Paterson, R.K
  62 The Age of Austerity - Schoenbaum, T.J
  63 Secrecy, National Security and the Vindication of Constitutional Law - Cole, D. Fabbrini, F. Vedaschi, A
  64 Counter-Terrorism, Human Rights and the Rule of Law - Masferrer, A. Walker, C
  65 Legal Thought and Philosophy - van Roermund, B.
  66 The Moral Dimensions of Intellectual Property Rights - Ang, S.




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