Indian Law Institute

ILI Law Review-2016 (Summer Issue)
(A Peer Reviewed/ Refereed Journal)

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Inclusive Growth    
1. Review of ART Bill 2014-Contested Issues and Cases   ...Sonali Kusum
2. Poverty, Social Exclusion and the Role of a Comprehensive Human Rights Framework   ...Mallika Ramachandran
3. Manual Scavenging: A Case of Denied Rights   ...Abhishek Gupta
4. Public Interest Litigation and Child Labour: An Analysis of the MC Mehta Case   ...Raghav Pandey
5. TRIPS, Pharmaceutical Patents and Health Care for the Poor in India   ...Shubhra Khanna
6. The Peasant Farmers of India: The Need to Classify and Recognise their Rights   ...Bhavana Rao
Constitutional Law    
7. Protection of the Interests of the Employees of Media Industry and Freedom of Speech and Expression   ...Anshuman Mishra
8. Participation in Democracy: In search of legitimacy of Para 2 (1) (b) of Tenth Schedule of the Constitution   ...Kamal Kumar Arya
9. Constitutional Review: A Critical Study of American Model and European Model   ...Devashri Sinha
10. Defamation Laws and Judicial Intervention: A Critical Study with reference to Defamation Judgement (2016)   ...Shivi
11. Arbitrariness Analysis under Article 14 With Special Reference to Review of Primary Legislation   ...Shivam
Environmental Law    
12. Environmental Dispute Resolution and Alternative Dispute Resolution: A Critical Study   ...Sai Ramani Garimella
13. Protection of Biodiversity in India and Bangladesh: A Legal Perspective   ...Zubair Ahmed Khan
Bill Comment    
14. The Goods and Services Tax (GST) Regime Through The Lens of Fiscal Federalism In India   ...Shreya Jain
Case Comment    
15. Nikhil Soni v. Union of India Rajasthan,(2015)   ...Udit Raj Sharma
Book Review    
16. Alok Bhasin, Law Relating To Sexual Harassment at Work (2015)   ...Anurag Deep