Indian Law Institute

ILI Law Review -2020 (Covid Special Issue)
(A Peer Reviewed/ Refereed Journal)

"Released in the auspicious presence of Hon'ble Justice Surya Kant, Judge Supreme Court of India"

Editorial Committee        


1. "A Study of the Impact of Covid-19 on Indian Financial Market and Legal Challenges"   ..Himanshu Dixit  
2. An Analysis of the Migrant Crisis in India in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic   ...Rachel Thomas  
3. Reshaping of Global Trade Policy by COVID-19 Pandemic: Analysis of Trade Flows in Post COVID-19 Scenario   ...Arjun  
4. Fake News, Information Disorder and the COVID-19 Contagion: Assessing the Scope for Existential Journalism in the Apathetic Media Circus                                                ...Vaishali Arora  
5. "Assessing the Mandates of International Health Regulations on Global Health”              ...Ashutosh Raj Anand & Kislay Soni  
6. “ COVID-19 and Its Effect on Competition Law Regime ”   ..Gunjan Ahuja and Sahil Ahuja  
7. Understanding the Legal Conundrum of Employer’s Right in India during COVID- 19 Crisis   ...B.S Sushanth Sharma and Anita Yadav  
8. "Contouring Legal Education in India: An Analysis of Challenges Posed by Covid-19"   ...Susmitha P. Mallaya  
9. "Legal Framework to Combat Coronavirus Pandemic in Nepal: A Study with Special Reference to India’s Epidemic Law”   ...Alok Kumar Yadav and Jivesh Jha  
10. “Gender Sensitiveness in Disaster Law regime of India”   ..Priya A Sondhi  
11. “Age" in the Age of Pandemic Covid-19: A Policy Framework for Building the Resilience of Elderly”   ...Upma Gautam and Deekshha Bajpai Tewari  
12. Clinical Legal Education during COVID-19 Pandemic: Issues and Perspectives   ...Vijendra Kumar  
13 “Law, Policy and Enforcement Challenges in Health Regime with Special Reference to Pandemic (COVID-19): Lessons Learnt”   ..K.J. Thaker  
  Case Comments:-      
14 Case Comment : In Re: The Proper Treatment of COVID -19 Patients and Dignified Handling of Dead Bodies in the Hospitals etc.   ....Saumya Sharma and Nivedita Chaudhary  
15. Lifebuoy v. Dettol: Decoding India’s first Comparative Advertising and Disparagement Dispute During the Pandemic   ...Gyandeep Chaudhary  
  Bill Comments:-      
16 The Epidemic Diseases (Amendment) Bill, 2020: A missed opportunity   ....Ramya Boddupalli and Greetika Francis