Indian Law Institute

ILI Law Review -2018 (Summer Issue)
(A Peer Reviewed/ Refereed Journal)

Editorial Committee        


1. Presidential takeover of state government   ...Dr. Anil Kumar Dubey  
2. Constitutional space and legislative development in India on extra-territorial operation of law   ...Dr. Dharmendra. K. Singh  
3. Constitutional Sentiments and Judiciary – A study on Freedom of Religion
in India with special reference to Triple Talaq (Talaq-e-Biddat) ruling
  ...Amit Raj Agrawal  
4. Cogency of dying declaration: Analysis   ...Dr. Onkar Nath Tiwari  
5. Embryo Freezing and Donation: Ethical-Legal Issues   ...Dr. Sufiya Ahmed  
8. Legislative Comment      
  Decoding ‘Deterrence’: A Critique Of The Criminal
Law (Amendment) Act, 2018
  ..Abhishek Gupta  
9. Bill Comment      
  Analysis of the Trafficking of Persons (Prevention, Protection and Rehabilitation) Bill, 2018   ..Abhilasha Singh  
10. Case Comment      
  License to Rape: Marital Rape in India and the effect of Independent Thought v.UOI   ..Shreya  
11. Book Review      
  Prison Privatization: Exploring Possibilities in India-2017   Prof.(Dr.) B.C Nirmal  
  Sextortion: Revisiting Laws on Corruption in India   Tanushri Roy