Indian Law Institute

ILI Law Review -2019 (Winter Issue)
(A Peer Reviewed/ Refereed Journal)

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      Page No.
1. Can the State Compel You to Disclose Your Religion?   ...Tarun Agarwal & Bhaskar Agarwal 1
2. Climate Change: An Issue of Equity, Justice and Human Rights   ...Richa Chauhan 13
3. Dynamic Injunctions – Internet ‘Injunctions 2.0’   ...Manmeet Kaur Sareen & Kanika Kalra 32
4. Infringement of Copyright in Computer Programs in India -Understanding the State of Virtual Non-Liquet and Challenges vis-a-vis Artificial Intelligence   ...Vijay K Tyagi & Yashdeep Chahal 64
5. Changing Dimensions of Federalism in India: An Appraisal              ...M. Asad Malik 85
6. Certainty of Tenure of The Election Commissioners- A Paramount Need   ...N.S. Babitha 115
7. Budapest Convention on Cybercrime: Assessment of India’s Concerns   ..Deepak Parashar 126
8. Intellectual Property Protection in Outer Space – An Overview   ..Ritesh Mehra 144
9. Recognition of Informational Privacy: Legal Perception in India   ..Payal Thaorey 160
10. Equal Right to Life for “Never Born” and PC-PNDT Act in India: Mapping the Regional Disparities and Socio-Economic Correlates.   ..Upma Gautam & Deeksha Bajpai Tewari 180
11. Representative Judiciary in India: An Argument for Gender Diversity  in the Appointment of Judges in the Supreme Court   ..Uday Shankar & Srichetha Chowdhury 200
12. Researching Victims of Crime under International Criminal Law:Issues and Concerns   ..Shaveta Gagneja 218
13. Gene Patenting in Plants: Indian Scenario   ..Smita Srivastava 239
  Draft Convention Comments:-      
14. Critical Analysis of International Law Commission’s draft articles on Crimes against Humanity   ..Vishal Sharma 253
  Case Comments:-      
15. Analysis of the Common Cause Judgment: Would living wills become a practical reality?   ....Harshita Choudhary 270
16. Writ Jurisdiction NCLT- A Death Knell for the Insolvency Regime: Comment on Embassy Property Developments v. State of Karnataka   ....Raghav Pandey &Akshal Agarwal 284
  Book Reviews:-      
17. Book Review Article:- Taking Bail Seriously: The State of Bail Jurisprudence in India   ....Upma Gautam & Anandita Yadav 291
18. Refugee Law in India: The Road from Ambiguity to Protection   ...Prakash Sharma 303
19. Taking Bail Seriously: The State of Bail Jurisprudence in India   ....Balram Pandey