About Us

The Indian Law Institute [ILI] – set up on 27th December, 1956 is an International Centre for advanced socio-legal research and has done significant work in the field of legal research, education and training. It has made notable contribution in the legal arena. Besides performing important advisory role in fostering the empirical research and making law as an instrument of social engineering, it undertakes research on current legal issues. The Institute is an autonomous body registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 No. S. 1049 of 1956-57.

It was formally inaugurated by the first President of India Dr. Rajendra Prasad on December 12, 1957 at the Central Hall of Parliament, New Delhi in the presence of the first Prime Minister of India Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, Hon’ble Mr. Justice S.R. Das, the then Chief Justice of India and late Dr. K.M. Munshi the then Executive Chairman of the Institute and Prof. L.R. Siva Subramanian the then Dean, Law Faculty of Delhi University.

Pt. Nehru welcomed the formation of the Institute as necessary and important and said that he would take the liberty to pay tribute and homage to the law and the men of the law and further remarked that he had no doubt that the Institute would perform an essential task in the development of a welfare state.

Aims & Objectives/Vision

The prime objective of the ILI is to cultivate and promote the science of law and to contribute substantially in reforming the administration of justice, so as to meet the socio-economic aspirations and needs of the people through law and its instrumentalities. The Institute has achieved the place of a premier center of national & international legal research and studies, in which the lawyers from all branches of the profession, judges, government officials and academicians have been participating.

  Broad Objectives of the Institute/Mission  

to cultivate the science of law, and to promote advanced studies and research in law and its administration;

  to promote the reform of administration of justice and of law and its health/development suitable to the social, economic and other needs of the people;  
  to promote the clarification, simplification and systematization of law;  
  to encourage and conduct investigations in legal and allied fields;  
  to promote the diffusion of the knowledge of law and its administration and principles on which they are based;  
  to promote the improvement of legal education, and to impart instruction in law and allied fields;  
  to publish studies, treatises, books, periodicals, reports and other literature relating to law and allied fields;  
  to undertake documentation of important legal and allied materials;  
  to institute and maintain libraries;  
  to cooperate with other societies, institutions and organizations, national and international, in the pursuit of all or any of the above objects;  
  to constitute or cause to be constituted regional offices at convenient centers in India to promote the activities of the Institute.