Indian Law Institute

ILI Law Review -2022 (Winter Issue)
(A Peer Reviewed/ Refereed Journal)

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1. The Fundamental right against Humiliation   ... Gauri Bharti  
2. A ‘Victim’ Or a ‘Perpetrator’?-Relooking the law of Homicide in India from the Eyes of Battered Woman   ... Adarsh Pandey and Udit Raj Sharma  
3. Climate Change Starving the World’s Poorest: Climate Change, Human Rights and the Right to Food   ...Richa Chauhan  
4.   ... Nivedita Chaudhary  
5. The concept of marriage under Hindu Law and its changing dimensions   ... Harsimran Kaur Bedi  
6. Diminished Responsibility and Addiction: Analyzing the legal and scientific complexities  
... Reshma Suresh
7. Human Rights and Legal issues in the age of Artificial Intelligence: Challenges, Gaps and Vulnerabilities   ...Gyandeep Chaudhary & Aditi Nidhi  
8. Leveraging CSR in the Pursuit of SDGs: A Comparative Analysis of India and Singapore   ...Vidushi Puri  
9. Criminalization of Politics in India: Did the Supreme Court Miss the Opportunity?   ... Sukanshika Vatsa  
10. Energy Conundrum in India: A Case of Coal Sector   ... Priya Bhatnagar  
11. Revisiting the Changing Notion of Rape laws in India through Feminist Legal methods of ‘Asking the woman question, ‘feminist practical reasoning’ and‘consciousness raising’   ...Ruchi Singh & Guru Prakash  
12. Two different but same Perspectives on Constitutional Morality   ... Ajay Kumar  
13 Indian Judicial Protection to the Victim of Prosecution- Is Law Blind? A critical Analysis    ...Irfan Rasool Najar  
14 Exception to Martial Rape in India: An Unconstitutional Intrusion into the Victim’s Right to Equality and Privacy   ..Harleen Kaur &AayushTripathi  
15 Legal Perplexity of Proving “Consent” in Sexual Offences: Section 376(2) vis-a-vis section 376C under the Indian Penal Code   ...Meera Mathew  
16 Advance Ruling Provision under GST: A Lodestar to the investor and the Saviour of the Business from the Hurdles of Litigation?   ..Vidya V.Devan  
  Legislative/Bill Comments:-      
17. Changing Profile of Indian Agriculture Market: a Review in the light of farmers’ Agitation and Protest against Central Farm Laws of 2020   ...Babu Sarkar & Pritam Banerjee  
18. Content Regulation of Films and the Indian Social Matrix: A Perspective against the Light of the Cinematograph (Amendment) Bill, 2021   ... Vaishali Arora  
  Case Comments:-      
19. Name as an Expression of Identity: A comment of Jigya Yadav v. Central Board of Secondary Education (2021)   ... Vijay Tyagi  
20. The Legality of Internet Shutdown in India: Anuradha Bhasin v. Union of India (2020)   ... Taniya Malik  
  Book Reviews:-      
21. Syed Mahmood, Colonial India’s Dissenting Judge (2022)   .... Salman Qasmi